Bendigo Terminal Station

Location Allingham St, Kangaroo Flat
Schedule July 2012 – December 2013

Project Detail

All civil works involved in re-building the Bendigo Terminal station, including

  • Excavation, Earthing and Conduit Installation
  • Excavations, Formwork, Steel Tying, setting of rag bolts and concrete finishing of foundations
  • Excavation and installation of drainage system including pits, pipes and flame traps
  • Excavation and installation of fire systems and potable water


  • Working in and around a live environment
  • Working with the client to complete set tasks effectively, safely and within the program time frame.
  • Work carried out in the 22KV, 66KV and 220KV Yard which included the essential use of height limited machinery and safety observers to complete the task safely and successfully
  • Working successfully with other contractors our client used on site to ensure all works were carried out safely and communication was consistent over the project
  • Reinstatement of blue metal surface

Overall Performance

  • Project delivered to clients requirements
  • Safety – Nil LTI
  • IR – no lost days due to industrial action