Tarrone Terminal Station

Location Riordans Rd, Tarrone North
Schedule May 2011- September 2012

Project Detail

Build 500KV Terminal Station from scratch in conjunction with other contractors

  • Excavation and building bench
  • Install drainage pipelines from 150mm – 1200mm pipe
  • Installation of drainage pits
  • Install concrete cable trench
  • Install fire system
  • Installation of Earthgrid
  • Building of V drains & sediment pond
  • Concrete Construction


  • Leighroy’s Earthwork’s site supervisor was responsible for supervising/ advising other contractors onsite whilst building switchyard bench
  • LREWX manager, Leigh Piggott took part in developing the programming requirements with the client to meet deadlines and budget
  • Challenged by inclement weather
  • Challenging material to work with whilst building the bench ( Volcanic Rock)

Overall Performance

  • Project delivered on time and within budget
  • Safety – No incidents recorded on the project