Wellington Road, Clayton

Location Wellington Rd - Clayton
Schedule Jan 2010 – Feb 2010

Project Detail

Extend new watermain for water supply to Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication

  • Connect to existing Mild Steel main in Henderson Rd, lay new mains & provide new 150mm service


  • Assisted the client with managing the project
  • Worked effectively with Weinberg Pipe & Civil to deliver project within extremely tight timeframe.
  • Leighroy’s Earthworks safely & successfully worked in close proximity to large feeder watermains (600 & 1700mm) and numerous other existing services
  • Working parallel with major road and connection in busy intersection
  • Reinstalment of existing roadways, naturestrips & footpaths
  • Overall Performance

    • Project delivered on time and within budget
    • Safety – No injuries or incidents recorded on the project
    • IR – no lost days due to industrial action