With a large amount of technical expertise, Leighroy’s Earthwotks have both the personnel and equipment to complete a diverse range of projects and we pride ourselves on our quality and workmanship. We are VEDN Accredited as well as having a CCF Accredited Safety, Qualiaty and Environmental system in place to support and facilitate our projects, which can range from simple watermain construction to more complex projects such as the construction of Pressure Reducing Valves. Leighroy’s Earthworks also has height limiting devices fitted to some of our machines to ensure tasks can be completed as safely as possible. Leighroy’s Earhworks is experienced in various activities including:

  • Accredited for City West Water, South East Water and Yarra Valley Water to install Watermains of varying sizes
  • Electrical Infrastructure works (SP Ausnet Authorised to enter high voltage enclosures as well as receiving
  • Electrical access permits
  • Storm water drain construction
  • Water treatment systems
  • Private Development and Water Authority Renewals
  • PRV Construction
  • Water and Sewerage Pump Stations
  • Earthworks
  • Concreting and Civil Works
  • Plant and Truck Hire

Leighroy’s Earthworks own a wide variety of plant and equipment to complete any task, regardless of the complexity including:

  • 20 Tonne Hyundai Excavator (Including hydraulic hammer, Auger Driver Motor and Tilting bucket)
  • 24 Tonne Kobelco Excavator (Including full range of digging buckets)
  • 6 Tonne Hyundai Excavator (Including auger, hammer, vibrating plate)
  • 5 Tonne Case Excavator (Including full range of digging buckets)
  • 3 Tonne Case Excavator (Including full range of digging buckets)
  • 2 x JCB 3CX Backhoe (Full range of digging buckets)
  • Clarke S130 Bobcat (Including smudge bar)
  • Fuso 3 Tonne Tip Truck
  • Western Star 10m bdy & quad dog tipping trailer
  • Cable Location Equipment